Who is HACK PR?

Back in 2013, we had a Fintech startup…

We hired a top tech-PR firm to build us into thought leaders.

They promised to deliver. So, we paid them $20,000.

They never delivered. Sound familiar?

So we started doing our own PR…

And got really, really good.

With unconventional tactics, we got ourselves on Fox News….



And a few hundred other outlets.

But then, we failed(Like startups sometimes do!)

Announcing our demise, we still got one more top tier hit


Frustrated with the public failure, fellow entrepreneur friends offered their advice:

“Your company sucked, but you were really good at PR. Start a PR firm, don’t suck, and we’ll hire you”

And that’s what we did.

One day later.

For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

Two years later, we’ve worked with 80 clients in 16 countries and secured over 1,000 media placements.

We are not your average PR firm.

We are entrepreneurs.

We are salesmen.

We are hustlers.

Then, we’re PR people.

Everything we do is different from how normal PR firms do it.

How we plan, how we strategize, how we execute and how we bill clients.

HackPR was built for entrepreneurs who aretired of the traditional PR model.

Tired of paying for effort.

Tired of wasting time.

And tired of bullshit.

Our clients demand results and we deliver.

That’s our guarantee or you don’t pay us.

Life at HACK

Our core team is based in San Diego but we have team members across the United States and the world.

While we are based in San Diego, we have no office space.

We believe companies in the future will not limit themselves to four walls.

They will not limit their talent to one location and they will not limit their team member freedoms and flexibility to work from wherever they want.

All team members are strongly encouraged to travel the world and it’s something we are very passionate about.

With our international client-base, the HACK team travels together often. In the past two years, our work has brought the team to places like Colombia, Iceland, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the UK.


What to join HACK?