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We’re not your average PR firm. We are entrepreneurs. We are salesmen. We are hustlers. Then, we’re PR people. Everything we do is different from how normal PR firms do it. How we plan, how we strategize, how we execute and how we bill clients.

HackPR was built for entrepreneurs who are tired of the traditional PR model. Tired of paying for effort. Tired of wasting time. And tired of bullshit. Our clients demand results and we deliver. That’s our guarantee or you don’t pay us.

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How a Better Email template Can Be Best For Your Business

These days, it is very much necessary for a business to have better ways as well as different strategies for establishing the market in the online business marketing. There are many businesses which try to build their audience with the help of sending newsletters and using the tips and tricks of email marketing.

Inbound Marketing And Its Uses

Are you searching for the best inbound marketing services? Well, many people in business want to grow their business and want to give it a new shape. However, you have been wondering what an inbound marketing thing is right? Well, you have come to a right place.

How You Can Make Your Website’s Landing Page More Effective To Customers

Making a useful landing page for your business website is quite tricky for most people. Even the various companies which try to run advertisements on their landing pages and try multiple templates to increase the number of their audience over the website.

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