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Pace up your marketing and sales success

Now provide your business with an all-in-one approach towards sales and marketing with Salesforce Pardot, which remains unparalleled by any other marketing solution. To achieve an increased lead generation, conversion, and customer satisfaction, we help businesses leverage the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud by bringing their digital marketing and sales efforts together. Immediate results are noticed by our clients as there are more significant improvements in how they are closing a business and how they attain long-term deals with their clients.

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What We Do?

We strive to offer the best solution to our clients with practical, transformative, and innovation services that will help their business to shine. We can help set up your marketing automation software with our Pardot automation services. We are Pardot and Salesforce Certified professionals offering you a more comprehensive solution.

Pardot Implementation

Increase ROI and strengthen your marketing initiatives with Pardot implementation and zero interruption. Give sales the intelligence they need to close deals faster accelerating your sales cycle. You can now combine the powers of marketing and sales, and transform leads into customers for life by identifying the best leads, improve the follow-up speed, and much more.

Lead Nurturing

Effective Lead nurture campaigns help you to accelerate customers through the funnel and build sustainable customer relationships. By using a suite of powerful marketing tools, you can fill the funnel with high-quality leads. You can run highly-targeted email campaigns, and personalize the buyer’s experience from click to close as you can easily create the landing pages and forms.

Analytics & Reporting

Build reports and dashboards to make data-driven decisions as you unravel the real impact of marketing. Now place all your most common marketing and sales tasks on autopilot and take the manual labor out of lead management. You can now free up sales to focus on what matters as you bring in new business with the help of automated lead qualification and nurturing tools.

Calculate marketing ROI

You can help your sales team identify the best leads and close deals faster. You understand the programs you are working for, how your teams are adding contributing factors to success and what is required to be done to crush your revenue goals again and again. It is possible as you track campaign performance with customizable dashboards.

Stark Edge Guarantee

At Stark Edge , our client's success is at our point of focus, along with offering out-of-the-box solutions. Our team of expertise and certified professionals work effectively to bring a result-oriented solution. We rendered some ideal services that help us build a chain of valued customers. We believe in results and deliver the best.

Why Do Marketers Prefer To Work With Stark Edge?

Our Pardot implementation service helps you get started in no time. To benefit your business needs, we apply a project management method. We render to your business growth by increasing your sales results and efficiency. We are progressively building your integrations with Salesforce optimizing your sales and marketing process.

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Customer Satisfaction

We have delivered highly personalized customers experience over multiple channels on an unprecedented scale, keeping customers satisfied.

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Competitive Pricing

We aim to deliver maximum value to our customers for their investments, assuring improved ROI with our flexible engagement model and customer-centric approach.


We ensure that you get consistent pricing and that you only pay for what you intend to use with our project cost estimation methodology.

Road Map

To ensure your investment is generating the highest ROI possible for your business, Starkedge can assess your business and help in developing a roadmap.


What We Do?

At StarkEdge, we have our exquisite expertise, resources, smarts & business understanding to design, brand, develop, enhance, test, and maintain your product. We help businesses obtain immediate scale and agility by delivering the ideal business solutions. Associating with us will make your business attain new heights of development and success that was out of reach for you!

Implementing Pardot for growing sale numbers

At Stark Edge, we develop an action plan to deliver some great results with the implementation of Salesforce Pardot. We incorporate an ideal business plan that can help you take your business to the next level with the improved client conversions.

Plan – Design- Build – Test - Support

With our effective service, you can easily create a relationship with potential customers for increased conversion and retention. You also get to customize the content on your website that is based on a particular user or the audience who is reaching it. Based on your audiences, you can connect to all of your digital marketing channels. Our certified team will help you hit the sky highs!

Our Intuitive Automation assures business growth!

We, with our team of experts, can help businesses build a brand online and establish into this competitive industry with Pardot automation services. Based on each audience you are targeting, we work to produce the best strategies that will make your business flourish more than ever!



Your business will surely benefit from marketing automation if your organization makes use of online marketing for lead generation. Pardot is used by companies along with an extended or complex sales cycle who value your ability to build strong relationships with their customers over time in several cases.
Each day marketers are turned into revenue-generating superheroes with B2B marketing automation. Marketers can create, deploy, and manage the online marketing campaigns in one easy-to-use platform. Pardot and Salesforce engage combines with your CRM for empowering every rep to act in the moment of engagement, to drive in more results from the campaigns where every organization can close more deals faster as it is completely integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem.
Stark Edge is your one-stop-shop for all the aspects that marketing requires. We help you to generate more leads and mature pipeline through Pardot automation Services. In just few clicks, you can create and launch beautiful digital campaigns.
  • The easy-to-use interface guides you with drag-and-drop builders and wizards that will help you build assets in minutes.
  • You can use our templates, or customize with complete HTML and CSS styling you can create landing pages, forms, and email templates.
  • You can now host your files, images, and assets all within Pardot.
You can get both macro and micro-level insights into your marketing performance with the help of Pardot. You will get the entire report of the overall campaigns that run, also with the individual customers providing you the snapshots of how they will interact with you.
  • You need to understand your customers from the assets they download even to the section of the website where they spend most of their time.
  • To personalize both your marketing and sales approach, you need to use data.
  • You can track all the success of your tactics that includes videos, webinars, events, social, and more as you connect to several of your marketing tools.
The following are the main benefits of Pardot marketing automation:
  • You can quickly generate a massive number of potential leads and transfer them quickly through the pipeline.
  • Make use of dynamic, personalized campaigns as you engage your buyers on their items.
  • You can capture the real marketing ROI while understanding every step of the marketing journey.
A valid email program can be the difference between closing more deals and allowing hot leads, slip through the cracks in B2B marketing. You can set up triggers to automate email delivery at the right time, build dynamic emails, and use A/B testing to see which content works the best.
Marketing automation is used by both the sales and marketing teams. Marketing and the sales teams use marketing automation in several different manners, although this technology brings the two together.
  • For marketers
  • By sourcing the hottest leads, creating the customized campaigns to target ideal buyers, moving leads through the sales cycle for maximizing the ROI of marketing programs, the marketers can utilize marketing automation to drive pipeline sourcing the hottest leads. Without any more hassle of sending one-off emails or managing the tasks manually, the marketers can execute on digital marketing strategy.
  • For sales
  • Marketing automation gives the sales team access to the content that they can send to leads with the click of a button as it works as a bridge connecting the sales team with marketers. It helps the sales team to identify the leads and close the deals.
The marketers and the sales teams can easily find and nurture leads, close more deals, even maximize ROI, and many more through Pardot. The following what makes Pardot different from the other B2B marketing automation platforms:
  • It is built on the world’s best CRM platform Salesforce.
  • You can generate more leads with Pardot and also add up to the revenue a lot faster.
  • You can organize and analyze all of your data across the sales and marketing to make a data-driven decision with the use of B2B marketing analysis.
  • The sales teams can focus more on closing deals with the automating sales processes and building marketing-approved campaigns.
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