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Top 12 Trends for Developing a WordPress Site in 2023

custom wordpress development services

WordPress is considered one of the most prominent Contents Management Systems or CMS in the industry and has a lot of fame due to its easy website development and minimal coding in WordPress. There are over 455 million websites around the globe using WordPress CMS. The main reason behind the success of WordPress is its flexibility and easy-to-use features. In reality, WordPress often powers around 40% of websites online, which is why businesses use WordPress website development services to create their site.

Global businesses today have their eye on WordPress and their latest trends for checking out whatever new is coming on their way. In reality, several businesses prefer to pick WordPress for their business websites. You can easily hire developers if your business does not have a website yet.

Today we will unveil the key trends in custom WordPress development services, allowing you to discover the potential of the best CMS in the world. Without any further delay, let us dive into the main trends.

Web Development In WordPress Trends

WordPress has always paved its path among the latest emerging technology, although a few individuals or businesses might underestimate the strength of WordPress whenever any new technology appears. Did you ever wonder how?

Let us help you understand how WordPress is the key choice among the community of developers and businesses.
custom wordpress development services WordPress is one CMS that never fails to impress the latest trends for beating the other strong trends or technologies. It is how WordPress is still under the market and creating a new milestone in the IT industry. You need to check out the popular trends in WordPress web development services as follows:

  1. 1. Nostalgia-Inspired Themes

Welcome to the era of 1990! It is easier to forget that once we had the "dial-up" for accessing the internet, surfing the web on highly pixelated screens to navigate the choppy, colorful, entirely new digital world, or waiting endlessly for the photos to buffer.

Today, we consider this Wild West time of the online world to be playful and charming. It has clip art images, bright colors, and crazier gimmicks. We are reminiscing regarding the whimsical nature of the website whose main job is to dazzle with entertainment. The catchier, splashy, and funnier cyclical desire or bringing back the past to life have led to the latest wave of Web 1.0-inspired designs.

So, which are the main components for achieving this retro look? Start playing with proper table layouts with visible borders, colorful backgrounds, and robotic typographies like Times New Roman, Courier, and ITC American Typewriter.

The early days of proper web designing are considered chaotic or romanticized light while highlighting the time before any practices were a thing here with the unfettered creativity giving the website creator permission to express their ideas and brands in different ways.

Suppose you feel like the site is benefiting from the blast from past designs. In that case, you can take a trip down memory lane while remembering a couple of favorite sites since that time, drawing better inspiration from the layouts and colors and not being scared about taking any chances and being bold, a dutiful homage to the web we had known and adored.

  1. 2. Micro-Interactions

The lovely micro-interactions give you the most satisfying experiences you face whenever the website reacts to you while you are hovering, scrolling & clicking.
wordpress web development services We are looking at this more and more on the apps and websites and how the images or texts respond to a click or hover of a mouse. We are often used to noting it when referring to the text links changing color, representing a link being attached to a distinctive item. The micro-interaction is a smaller animation offering better feedback in the most optimistic ways in this ever-evolving iteration.

An icon on the homepage can move, change its sizes, perform short actions, or any possibility, offering you something extra while creating the most interactive experiences for the user.

  1. 3. Bold Text in Hero

Your site visitor will check out the hero image of your landing page while the space should create a statement, and now we can check out the key trends that take the literal ideas.

You are directing the attention to exactly whatever you think is worth mentioning while using text as the site's hero image. There are ways in which we move the rapid-fire through the sites while searching for answers and inspirations that do not leave much room for interpretation.

Replacing the traditional hero image with a bold line of text spelling out precisely in the way your visitors will get for you in the wisest and commanding way to get your point straight out.

  1. 4. Dark Mode

Dark Mode is the most alluring and modern approach to the site that allows the viewers a break from the overly colorful and brighter sites common during browsing.

It is almost like a breath of fresh air where dark mode contemplates pulling aim toward the site's key specific attributes that allow you to highlight specific features, products, or ideas by darkening the background surrounding them. The visitor might not help; however, stay back at your site as the dark, modern aesthetic draws them in, emphasizing your visual content while enhancing emotional branding.

5. Memphis Design

The design of the 1980s was characterized aesthetically through the scattered, brightly colored shapes and lines. In contrast, the Memphis design has become one of the highly surprising design trends of the past several decades. The bold and colorful aesthetic comes off as gaudy and tacky; however, whenever they are thoughtfully and properly implemented, the Memphis design is funny, playful, and amazingly memorable while considering the instant party on the page.
wordpress cms development services
Memphis' design mainly rejected minimalism. Therefore, it is better to use dots, geometric shapes, brighter colors, and squiggles in web design this day so that it is witnessed as a contrast to the uniformity of the minimalistic websites' websites prevalent in a modern style. But, it is never surprising that this key trend of WordPress cms development services is making a comeback to captivate the visitors of the site while refreshing the creativities of nostalgia and fun.

  1. 6. Hand-Drawn Illustrations

The greater ease of digital craftsmanship in the layout, web design, and aesthetics, inadvertently has created a better landscape for the illustration revival drawn by hand. The imperfectness of the hand-drawn text and images draws visitors in the kind of farm-to-table appeal and is highly pleasing to the eye. These are the implications where the illustrations are special and tailor-made just for you, not some kind of carbon copy being pulled out of the digital stockpile.

These are the hand-drawn characteristics represented through the scribbles, doodles, messy cutouts, handwritten text, and textures like pencils, crayons, and paint related to the design. Additions of these elements to the website design invite greater personal touch evoking the feel of being connected and grounds the visitors through the comfort and familiarity with the brand through the help of the WordPress website development services.

  1. 7. Website Storytelling

The application of the storytelling approach is gaining greater popularity for web designers in terms of leveraging the entire interface to convey a message or narrating an intricate story. It is highly helpful to communicate complex data to the broader audience engagement. We are generally visual creatures, and combining the elements of the information of data with visual effects allows greater comprehensive knowledge of the vital information and inclusive design.

Whenever you are conveying your brand message, storytelling offers the cadence, evocations, and rhythm to your WordPress developer services. You can even guide people in how they should feel while scrolling across the sites and offers them greater space for exploring and lingering on the way they are helping in connecting with you. Using larger texts, animations, images, and micro-interactions helps accentuate your value proposition and guide the visitors through the web experience, where each component leads you to the latest features and moves them through the stories.

  1. 8. Interactivity

Engagement is the most valuable insight and tool. And luckily, in our digital and social world, we would love to engage. Therefore, adding interactive components to the site is the ideal way to involve your audience directly and learn more about them.
wordpress developer services Let us take, for instance, if you have a skincare brand and aim to know more about the products your potential customers are interested in. Creating the quiz for the visitors for taking it into notion can identify their distinctive type of skin and suggest the products that can aid in a better way for interacting with your store online and offering you the capability of data collection and refining the products matching the requirement.

  1. 9. Micro-Animations

If you want to add movement and depth to your design, you can weave micro-interactions, smaller micro-animations, and intentional animations into the site. They need not become interactive; however, they are highly effective for better user experience.

One of the ideal ways in which micro-animations are getting used today is through e-commerce sites. Application of the smaller animation to the models wearing products takes the shopping experience to the next level. Customers can even check out the fittings of the clothes and the way the accessories are worn, allowing them to imagine how they might appear in the real world.

The interactions and animations are helping in taking websites from the flat plane to greater dynamic virtual works incorporating movement, greater immersed digital experiences, and 3D perspective.

  1. 10. Creative Scrolling

Several latest design trends focus on disrupting the expected with the addition of new elements forcing you to pause and reflect on the site right in front of you. We are accustomed to scrolling up and down through the site for better access to more information and checking out where the site's story wishes to go. Mixing things up and using the horizontal scroll feature can help you influence an expected dynamic with the users, which appears enticing to check out more.

Scrolling creative involves the artistic use of the imagination, and transformation of the web pages into the real world through the parallax effect, imagery, and psychedelic imagery, creating even breakthroughs into the 3D and virtual realities. Never allow yourself to feel held back by the conventional web page setups. Exploring a couple of new creative layouts and incorporating scrolling animation into the ideas under WordPress Development Solutions.

  1. 11. Neo-Brutalism

Brutalism was the architectural movement that lasted entirely from the 1950s to the 1970s and immensely emphasized raw simplicity over the exposed materials involving concrete. The style discovered its resurgence under the web design in this brutalism movement of 2014.
WordPress Development SolutionsA couple of brutalist designs showcase the stylings: the HTML barebones, asymmetrical layouts, plain backgrounds, default computer fonts, and the photos that get untreated. It is confronting that illuminates the self-awareness honesty that is captivating and endearing.

Various styles are found to be highly intimidating under brutalism in a manner for highly subdued and less extreme versions of the new neo-brutalism. It combines the rawness of brutalism with the restrained tastes of minimalism while creating a highly accessible style for sites with less advanced clientele.

  1. 12. Minimalism

Less is always more, right? It is also noted as the flat design, as minimalism is often associated with the use of a greater amount of white space, and it is the highly popular style of modern web design. However, new forms of this minimalist design are attaining greater fame and taking things to the next level.

Experimenting with colorful minimalism has become an emerging playful and chic trend. Minimalism features components such as bold background colors and cleaner texts with fewer design elements while creating an attractive and enjoyable page. It would remove the notion that minimalism is either stark or boring and create a new era of innovative thinking.


Hopefully, our post today has inspired you with the rising trends followed by WordPress website development services. We hope that you cannot wait to dig your creative heels into the process of getting through on fresher redesign of the site or feel aspiration highly as you would love to try incorporating them into your site but do not have much time or any advanced skills.

We also offer Shopify website development services to help you stand out in the highly competitive eCommerce market with a feature-packed, scalable, and responsive online store. Stay tuned to know more about our services and recent blog updates!

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