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What Makes the Open Graph Protocol Good for SEO and Social Networks?

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What is the primary purpose served by having proper content on your website or blog? Having your post that is read and shared will help in building your community. Social media is the ideal platform through which you can now share your content. But, do you have any idea how you can optimize your potential to reach out? All you need is help from professional SEO services.

What is Open Graph?

The protocol that will allow the web pages to be represented as items present in the social graph is what the open graph is. It was launched by Facebook back in 2010, but it is now being held by the open web foundation. The primary purpose here was in offering an easier integration between Facebook and other websites that are displaying the rich objects or the graphs with similar features as objected by Facebook. It was therefore allowing having a certain degree of controlling power over the information that was being shared.

Even if Twitter had been developing its own one for the Twitter cards, the majority of the social media platforms are now offering the same. The information is thereby sent through the Open Graph meta tags in the header section of the website’s code in order to do so.

What is the Purpose of Using Open Graph?

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The website traffic these days has become a great part due to its social shares as it is a necessity to master this tag as it can surely make a lot of difference on your click-through rate.

How does Open Graph impact your SEO?

There is no direct impact on your on-page affordable seo services as it appears here to be optimized with your social links officially.

Social media involving Facebook has undertaken quite a vital place over the years that the search engines are unable to ignore with the Open Graph data that are there in their algorithm any longer. It would be extremely tricky to describe this impact in an exact way. It is, however, quite noteworthy that Google analyzes the Open graph tags and might also be favoriting over its pages in Google+.

He should be giving a strong interest in inserting Open Graph in his pages, mainly if they are shared immensely over Social media if. The webmaster should first focus on the description along with the title tag.

Mandatory Open Graph Tags

og: title

It is considered as the title of your page for this Open Graph as there are no specific set of recommendations as you should be respecting the 65 characters if you do not wish your title to become truncated. It would actually be working the same way as that of the meta title tag, and if Facebook is not finding the og: title as it will be making use of your title tag. You should keep in mind that it should be appealing in terms of optimizing your click-through rates.


This is the tag that specifies your kind of page describing the primary kinds of subjects on your page with the list of possibilities that are quite extensive to allow you to check it out here.


It is considered as the URL image that will be displayed over the Open Graph. It is quite useful as you will be able to select the kind of thumbnails that will be displayed and also in terms of avoiding unrelated images. It would moreover be helping you in terms of increasing your conversion rates. Picture marketing is considered as something that you should be taking into account since a great picture will attract several users is what advanced SEO services aim for.

og: URL

It is considered as the canonical URL of the page as most of the time it is simply the URL that is displayed on your page, and it can be extremely helpful to the different kinds of dynamic URLs that are linked over the same page.


affordable seo servicesThe snippet of your page should consist of about 150 to 200 characters to help describe the content of your page. It works the same as that of the meta description tag that will not be affecting your SEO, so you need not lose your time in terms of optimizing your keywords but just try and write down something that is quite compelling.

Things That Are Not Mandatory

og: video

It is where you should be placing the URL if you have a video on your page.

og: locale

It would specify your language page.


It is considered the name of your website.


You can link up to a Facebook application with the specified object here.

Facebook has therefore developed a tool that is known as the Open Graph Object Debugger with two sets of features as follows for local seo services:

  • It will be drawing a complete summary of the possible errors, or you can also check out how the sharing will be appearing.
  • It also helps in terms of clearing the Facebook cache as it is helpful in terms of looking at the mistakes that are present in your thumbnail.

You should never leave your social appearance to the hands of the algorithms. Using the Open Graph protocol will offer the tools you require to enhance your social engagement on social sites like Facebook. It is worth the effort, with an estimated 1.393 billion active users. You can even take advantage of a social media marketing agency like StarkEdge, which can help spread your company and brand message. Contact us now for more information.

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