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Meta Tags and Their Effect on Websites

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Meta tags are noted as the pieces of code on a webpage describing what the web page is all about.

These are referred to at times as Metadata that includes the title tag, Meta description tag along with keyword tags, although the Meta keyword tag is now used quite rarely along with a few others.

Meta tags live in the header section of the webpage that is positioned at the top of the webpage on the side of the code, as followed by the professional SEO services company.

The basis for listing in the Google search results page is what the Meta tags serve on. The search engines here are reserving the right in terms of modifying the way your webpage listing appears as in the search results.

Why Are Meta Tags Important to SEO?

The following are the major roles that are served by the Meta tags in SEO:

  • Helping the search engines determine the topic of your webpage
  • It helps the search engine to determine the topic of your webpage
  • It helps people in terms of understanding the content of your webpage
  • Avoiding the issues with duplicate content
  • Driving organic search traffic along with the clicks.


Google itself is describing the Meta tags as a good way to aid the search engines as well as the users in terms of understanding the content of the web page. Meta tags allow the search engine to know what the web page is all about. Search engines make use of this information in terms of determining the relevance of the webpage to the query. And it is why you should hire the best SEO company.

There are most of the organic result titles on the first page of Google containing the right set of keywords that are exact or partial matches to the search, according to the study that is conducted by Backlinko.

First Impressions:

The content in meta tags is considered as the first impression of the potential visitors in having your website in the search results. Users would be compelled to click on them if they are crafted significantly by professional eCommerce SEO services.

Duplicate Content:

The Meta Tags are often considered as the first line of defense for duplicate content. Google will be selecting the best webpage among them and filter the rest from the outcomes if your title tags are the same across several web pages. This webpage may or may not be the one that you would wish to show in the search results.

Clicks and Traffic:
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The right Metadata will be increasing the clicks as well as the traffic to your site, as mentioned by the professional SEO packages. Simple tweaks to the meta tags will increase the clicks according to the research done. Making use of the question in the title tag will increase the click-through rate significantly. And, 6% more clicks are made on the pages with descriptions to the ones without.

How Do You Create Meta Tags?

You would have to make sure that the code is formatted in a proper way on this webpage for the creation of meta tags. You would therefore need to write down clear as well as compelling descriptions of the kind of webpage it is. Finally, the Meta tags need to be optimized with the targeted keywords by the SEO services company.

Head Section Configuration

The initial thing that you would wish to do is to configure the header section in a proper manner on the webpage.

You will have to be sure that you are organizing it in the right manner if you are using the HTML code strictly. It should also be placed at the header section in the correct order, as you should always be double-checking on it if you are making use of the CMS.

The proper setup of the Meta Tags on the header section is as follows:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description tag
  • Meta keywords tag

It is valid HTML even though the majority of the search engines are claiming that they would not be factoring the Meta Keywords into their algorithms. For instance, it would be useful guidance for the writers or the others who are involved in creating as well as editing the content.

Simply since the search engines mention that it is not being used, it does not mean that it is not used. It means that it is fine to include as long as it is not spammed here.

The Title Tag

The headline for your webpage in search results is the title tag. It should help the search engine as well as the user to understand the primary theme of the page here.

In the search results, the page titles are visible. They would also be showing at the top of any given webpage in the browser tab as they are offering an opportunity in terms of featuring most of the relevant keywords on the front as well as the center.
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The following are meant by the title tags:

  • They are making it appealing to the reader along with addressing their reason to search.
  • Written in the format of headline that is short and matches to what the searchers are in search of
  • Being unique on every page on your website, along with avoiding the issues with duplicate

The Meta Description Tag

The Meta Description tag provides an opportunity in terms of summarizing what the page is all about by allowing the search engines to determine the kind of topic it is on a given page and indexing this page in a proper way. It also aids people in terms of figuring out whether the webpage has what they are in search of by the professional SEO services company.

Descriptions impact the click-through rates significantly, being the vital portion of SEO. The keyword will be highlighted in bold in the search results when the keywords in the description match with the query. This would be signalling to the searchers that the webpage has got what they are in search of, thereby increasing the click-through.

Meta tags are not here for ranking. They are a simple way to aid in decreasing duplicate content and increasing the number of clicks as well as traffic with the help of renowned PPC campaign management services. It is the area of the webpage that should be getting much attention as the rest of the content available on the page.

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