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The Key Rules Followed By Companies Developing Android Apps

android app development company

Most people have their own "Eureka" moments in Android app development that strikes suddenly, but there are several ways the ideas get inspired.

There are scenarios that are a constant juggle between the latest technologies and the legacy systems, involving the in-house development team or hiring the android app development company, budget, business requirements, marketing, and maintenance plans. You are more likely to start making mistakes if you are no longer making any decisions.

Therefore, it is time that if you struggle with the complexities involved in Android application development and face a tough time getting the eureka moment to develop the winning software application reclaiming the time and energy whenever you follow the key rules.

You can follow the rules as these are going to help you in three ways:

It will help you become more familiar with the easier concepts you might overlook when deciding on application development projects. Keep in mind that mobile app development and a bit of a mistake would affect the results of the software products.

It will help promote the standard principles of Android app development services; therefore, when you are a company exploring more regarding app development or an Android application developer, the rulebook is the right choice for all.

These rules will become your guide to help you develop instincts for Android apps, enhancing your knowledge and personal confidence in application development.

Therefore, we should start here!

7 Rules of Android Application Development

Before moving ahead with these rules, always be clear that the rules are not informing you about differentiating right or wrong. It would help you understand what is vital to create a valuable software product for the customers.

The following is the list here:

1. Analysis of User Requirement

android app development servicesAnalyzing user requirements is important for the success and failure of your Android app. If you develop this app in collaboration with the mobile app development company, ensure that they represent the user requirements correctly.

Consider how they address the user requirement and whatever methods are involved in generating the validation and user requirement.

The easier process to the different methods of user requirement involves around four steps:

  • Information gathering: In this step, background information regarding the users and stakeholders and the processes occurs.

  • User needs identification: You should identify the needs of the users after you have access to the user's data through the focus group, survey, scenario, interviews, use cases, and the evaluation of the existing competitor systems.

  • Envisioning and evaluation: You should start developing the prototype for illustrating and carrying out brainstorming sessions to validate and refine the requirements at this stage. During your brainstorming sessions, you should include your android app development company to generate fresh new ideas.

  • Requirements specifications: You should categorize the needs into three different parts, which include User requirements, organizational requirements, and usability requirements. Based on this, you should set the criteria and priorities after evaluating these.

2. Optimizing the Performance of Your Android App for Multiple Android Devices

The market gets flooded with Android devices, and each brand offers several different types of devices with varied capabilities and screen sizes. Therefore, once you have critically finished the user-requirement analysis, you should start shifting your focus to the varied Android devices.

You should ensure that your technology team is highly aware of the requirements for device compatibility and optimize your Android mobile app's performance. Businesses searching for enterprise-based application development solutions should pay a lot of attention as it would affect their business revenues with the help of the Android application development company.

3. Responsive User Interface (UI)

android application development companyResponsive UI is the key to mobile applications, and it has three different ingredients:

  • Flexible Grid-based layout: You can make everything squish and stretch between the screen sizes whenever you build a responsive app design when you set the viewpoint right by fixing it.

  • Flexible media: The independent components of the medic, including the frames, images, or videos, should get organized in the ideal ratio through the proper definition of the width and height of the elements.

  • Media queries: Allowing JavaScript and following the JavaScript polyfils will offer the latest web technologies to the people.

Focusing on these will help you apply both the fundamentals to create interactive, responsible, easy-to-use mobile apps:

  • Reduce the cognitive load.

  • Eliminate the friction point during task completion

4. Balance Functionality and Creativity

It is the rule that applies to Android Application Developers where it is assumed that the Android Application should effectively work out as it should attain a balance between creativity and functionality.

The whole functionality and feature of this Application should reflect practical judgment from the developers based on what the customers want to have and what the business requirement is. Alternatively, these features and functionality closely follow the short-term and long-range objectives, budgetary control, and the Application's usability.

If the feature is meaningful, it has several benefits that add value to the products, and you should go ahead with it. Else, the entire idea will get rejected.

5. Integer Vs. Float

You should avoid using the float until acute precision is not required. It is because the smartphone's CPU is not as advanced as the desktop, as float would consume greater space than the integer.

Besides, in most Android applications, high precision is not a crucial issue.

Higher precision is never an important issue in several Android applications. Therefore, whenever you are structuring your Application, using the integer for implementing the custom fixed-point math will allow you to have better control over the accuracies without compromising on the space for applications.

After considering a software application's business requirements and goals, you should take proper guidance from Android application development companies to get good judgment.

6. Avoid Virtual Method Calls within the Class

It is better to avoid virtual method calls unless it is required when using C / C ++ programming language. When an object is written in this language, the initializers run from the most derived class to the base class.

It is always better to avoid the virtual method of the calls unless it is required whenever you are using C or C++ programming language. The initializers operate from several derived classes to their base classes when the object is written down in this language. The objects would start as the highly derived kind coming at .NET; therefore, virtual method calls operate on this type.

Therefore, if you aim to make a virtual method call in the constructor, the natural inheritance hierarchy is never the derived kind, as it would call out on the class whose constructor is not yet operating. You can start hiring Android developers with a better knowledge of this subject.

7. Mobile Application Usability Testing

android application development companiesIf you assume that each mobile app user downloading the Application is using it the same way as the rest, then you are entirely wrong, and it is the assumption that often proves fatal for the Application.

If you considered the possibilities during the Android app development processes, it is high time for you to conduct the stringent mobile Application with usability testing.

While testing, the following are a couple of things you should consider:

  • Offer the right importance to every column layout instead of the multiple ones

  • Keep the content in the middle of the screen and place the navigation controls at the bottom

  • The targeted touch for mobile devices is around 7x7m which is about 40 pixels

  • Replicating real-world movements with the proportionate gestures

  • Winning the users by having a natural flow of content 

  • Following the policy of progressive disclosure

Step-By-Step Process of Android App Development

1. Idea

You need to make a start with the idea. Before diving deeper into this process to build the android application, you should have 360-degree knowledge of the mobile app idea. The crux of your idea lays the strong foundation for your Application. Therefore, optimizing the idea as far as possible is important. 

We suggest that clients consult with industry experts to help them during the process. Almost whatever things are said to them derive the minute details correctly, as they often tend to overlook them.

2. User Experience

After the idea is complete, the next step is to define the right user experience. Without a doubt, user experience plays a massive role in the success of Android applications, and slacking them here would be an adverse idea. As suggested by the name, it is how the user is getting the experience of the product or service therefore; this should always stay on the list of priorities. 

You should understand your target audience and the psychology behind crafting the ultimate user experience. Your app will reach millions in a short window if they are done properly. The app had around 1 million users in just three months since its launch on Instagram. So, what is the secret sauce behind it? 

3. Design & User Interface

The other step in the cycle of android app development is to offer life to your user experience, which involves designing. Businesses and people are often thinking about the design, like the aesthetic element of this Application; however, if you check out a couple of the most highly successful android applications, they view this design as equal parts for aesthetic and problem-solving manner.

The primary aim of the design in app development is to solve practical user issues, and it is almost like a map guiding the user through this digital environment. Design is the potential tool for conveying the brand tone to the right audience without trying very hard to help you distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition.

4. Development

android application development companyIt is where all the magic takes place. The odds of building a better app will increase whenever the development team is proficient and diverse across varied technologies. The commonly used programming language for the Android app development company is Kotlin. However, the developers would suggest varied technologies based on the project's complexities. It is very important to keep this process straightforward.

Some apps evolve based on consumer needs, and it is very important for the developers to understand the business end for delivering high-functioning and resilient applications. In our company, we deploy cross-functional teams, including industry experts, project managers, and senior developers, to get the right perspective. It would contribute to the creation of a strong mobile app development strategy.

5. Beta Release

After the development is complete, you need to know how your applications function under real-time scenarios. Nothing would come closer to the beta testing of your Application while the quality analysts will check for the bumps in the development and design process. The Application is released to the smaller market, where the developers start analyzing the Application's real-time performance. Your audience will start using varied devices, use your Application differently, and might even subscribe to different networks.

The developers will understand how the app performs under pressure and will start tweaking the Application to meet user behavior. Beta testing will allow them to completely reposition their product to help create several channels for revenue. It is possible only through the hands-on insight of our developers who got from these beta releases.

6. Launch

The Android app development company will assist you in launching the Application. You should go ahead with Google Play Store when launching the android application. The quality analysts will perform the last check to ensure that the android application performs optimally after its launch.

Summing Up

You should know the game rules for bringing fresh ideas to the table, which will help make your ideas capable and valid. The rulebook will make things familiar with the important features of Android application development solutions. Alternatively, you use them to assess the Android Application development companies and the developers.

StarkEdge is a renowned hybrid mobile app development company offering custom solutions on software development and IoT application development services. We have built hundreds of mobile apps, helping companies by functioning as their tech associate and rolling out new product ideas. 

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