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Top 8 Signs that Your Website Needs a Redesign

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Your company's website is the initial impression to prospective customers who have your business in today's digital landscape. Being the highly potential marketing tool, it is the first place that they inevitably start visiting to learn more about the products and services and ultimately determine whether they wish to do business with your company or not. It is where you need the help of a reputed graphic design company in USA.

The primary key to your digital marketing strategy involves a responsive, mobile-friendly site with modern designs. Irrespective of the type of marketing technique your business has in order, the general goal is almost the same for driving visitors right back to your site.

The entire world of website development is witnessing a significant evolution of the space, which is vital for regular site maintenance and re-assessment of the site's designs, content, and functionality every couple of years. It helps your business stay at the top of the latest best practices while avoiding several other unexpected issues and bad performance inevitably resulting from an outdated site.

Tips to Recognize Your Site Needs a Redesign

1. Your Site Fails to Work Towards Your Business Goals

Understand what you require your site to accomplish.

The site's purpose ranges from direct sales to rendering an educational hub for its users to start learning about the brand to meeting several other purposes. You should always aim at defining and prioritizing your business goals before aesthetics and functionality come into action. The business, geared towards directing the customer sales on the commoditized products, will require different web designs than the non-profitable looks at enhancing member engagements.

If your site is not designed to serve your business goals, you will generally continue to disappoint the ROIs. The creative work performed by the graphic design company in USA stays informed by the goals of your business. They understand what you plan on accomplishing being the business, how you will start measuring it, and how your team is building a site for delivering such goals.
graphic design servicesSuppose your site isn't driving enough (or any) revenue. In that case, if it's not ranking on Google, or if the content isn't reflecting your current offerings or value propositions, your website is likely out of step with your business goals and needs a website redesign.

2. Your Site Has Higher Bounce Rates and Lower Rates of Conversions

You have a serious problem whenever your site has higher bounce and lower conversion rates.

So, what do you understand by the bounce and conversion rates, and why does it matter?

The sites are generally designed to become engaging and immersive for the users, as there are a few metrics used for determining whether the site delivers the intended experience. The bounce is whenever the user starts leaving your site after they have visited single pages, which is most likely because they have failed to explore the content or the product offerings whenever you have any depth. The users have arrived while checking you out and have vanished possibly forever.

The conversions are whenever the users are taking the desired action across the site while it is hoped at achieving the bounce. The conversion is more likely indicated by the user who submits the form requesting a demo for the SaaS website. These conversions also take various forms as they signify the one who signs up for the newsletters or shares your page across social media. The low conversion rates mean your site never engages your users while availing the desired actions.

Heatmapping is the ideal way to understand user engagement on the site. The heatmaps show the time the user spends on your site and wherever the time is being spent. The heatmap shows you in highly targeted ways wherever your audience is losing interest in your site instead of placing an assumption of whatever is wrong. It is considered immediate visual feedback across the efficiencies of the calls-to-action, texts, images, and the entire experience.

The user is spending a long time on the site which is highly engaging for the experiences who are more likely to become the customer.

3. Whenever Your Site Slows Down

Nothing is ever more frustrating than a site that takes time to load, being the user. These users are not waiting around in hopes of the site experience, design, or content making up for the slowest speed. In reality, Google research shows that about 53% of users are leaving the site, taking longer than three seconds to start loading.

The slower loading time might become the outcome of the badly developed site or an increase in the traffic, which made them overload or overstress the infrastructures in the site's backend. Whenever your site is never fast the way it needs to be, you are undercutting the work you performed from the creative and strategic perspective. You are more likely to place loads of time and effort across areas where you end up with sub-optimal results since the pages are slow to load.

The slow loading speed adversely affects the rankings of search engines. SEO is highly important due to the higher rankings that help the clients find the company online, drive organic traffic, and help establish you as the leader in this platform.

4. Your Site Is Not Mobile-Friendly and Is Not Responsive

According to past research, mobile devices form about 54.4% of website traffic worldwide. You need to emphasize the mobile experience more extensively than the desktop versions, as it need not become a tough or cumbersome experience or an entirely separate design. In reality, creating strictly mobile site designs are an aspect of the past, and it is where the entire concept of responsive web design arrives.

Instead of developing two distinct websites for desktop and mobile users, responsive web design allows for a website that scales its design and contents for the device it’s loaded on.

The responsive web design allows the site to start scaling the design and contents for the devices it gets loaded instead of developing two different distinctive sites for mobile and desktop users. It is entirely seamless from the perspective of the user. The responsive web design allows them to avail the best experience irrespective of the design used.
graphic designing servicesFrom the end of the development, the responsive design reduces the requirement for entirely different designs for each kind of device. Although at times, the graphic design company in USA performs some mobile-only targeted designs for improving the entire user experience.

The responsive designs offer additional perks for the site and your business as it aids in futuristic proofs of your site against an entire flood of limitless new devices or screen sizes. It saves the budget and time in the long run, making things easily manageable, especially for the content. You update the content once it starts scaling based on the device used. Google specifically demands out of it from the search perspective. When your site is never mobile-friendly, it penalizes the rankings. You should plan on redesigning your site if it is not responsive.

5. Your Site Has an Outdated Design

A site, along with being functional, should also become visually attractive. Users associate the visual appearance of the company site with high-quality services and products. It is why you need not wish your site to include anything by text, along with a few hyperlinks with poorly scaled images. The initial impression of the user of the site becomes entirely visual, and you should consider the time taken to ensure that it imposes a great impression.

Whenever a site is being designed, you should start working with the web design and development agency associating with the creative partners that bring your brand back to life in a highly appealing and effective way. Aiming for aesthetics makes a great first impression, as striking as it might be if you think of your site as a store for an outdated website which is more than just a store with a shabby exterior while dusting the corners and peeling the pain. You should start shopping somewhere else.

You should start considering the amount of modern and sleek the competitor sites are whenever they are being compared with yours. It is something that we often consider while working with clients. So, what is this competitive landscape from the visual perspective?

In reality, it consists of the bar that continues to grow higher and higher for web design, with the user who will start gravitating towards the professional and elegant site over the archaic relic of the early internet.

6. Your Site Is Tough to Navigate

Your site should become a guided tour for users, not just a journey without a map.

In this case, we speak particularly about the users' journey. You can make things easier for them if the information is hard to find since these pages are unmarked or hidden, lacking the right type of links and the call-to-actions, which is an issue. If the users cannot locate what this company is doing, what you are offering, and how they contact you, it becomes a huge problem. It is a beautifully designed, fast-loading site that fails to deliver the better outcomes you wish to have if the users are struggling to avail the information they require.
Web Design ServicesSo, what is the best way to fix it while you redesign? The right kind of content hierarchies and the way they play into the user experience are part of it. The hierarchy of the content involves the strategic placement of the content across the site creating the specific user journey with the least friction amount. It offers the proper kind of information which is never an indiscriminating dump, including every detail about the service and the products.

It would ensure the intended CTA is targeting the proper locations while you should think about user experience. Their requirement, when they need them, and how do we make these things easier and simple across every step?

7. It Is Quite Tough to Make Content Changes

Your site might have a great design, super-sharp copywriting, and the user journey artfully mapped out. It is dynamite whenever it comes to the front end that does not involve any redesign. Let us take a deeper look.

If you struggle at updating the content on the site since it gets built on a highly challenging template or when there is no CMS or Content Management System, or whenever it appears to become difficult to avail something that entirely changed as you wish in redesigning the site for saving your own team time and money.

Whenever the site is easier to update while you are more likely to add a few fresh contents often, which increasingly aim for the brands and companies enacting as the de facto content publishers instead of being the periodic marketer, the quality content, consistencies boosts the site on the search engines offering the users a great reason to return to the time and again.

At the site's back end, consideration is the key to integration. From the perspective of sales and marketing, it is vital to integrate marketing analytics and technology with the site. Plan to start disconnecting the technological limitations to your ability to effectively target and identify the users from the sales perspective. If everything works in a single coherent system, you will start closing several deals while landing more customers.

8. As You Start Rebranding

As you are rebranding, you need to get your site redesigned. With the rebranding, you are more likely to have fresh business goals for addressing and undertaking a completely varied approach to the visual elements of your branding.

Why should the company consider rebranding in the initial place? There are several common reasons behind it. You might start repositioning the core messages and products of the brands, or your business may move up to the market, alluring a greater number of clients while increasing the costs.

Whatever the reason, rebranding takes you back to the initial step of the design process, clearly made for identifying the business goals. From here, you continue to create the design and structure reflecting and representing the brand's updates.

Final thoughts

The graphic design company can help you redesign your site if you are experiencing one of any above problems mentioned. The following are the three primary things landing on decisions to redesign the site:

  • Check whether the site is attractive with the fluidity in the user journey that accurately starts
    communicating the recent messages and positioning of the audiences.
  • The site performs well from the technical angle
  • Is the site aim to drive business results?

If you are completely unsure of what you should do, reach out and connect with the reputed company!

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